About Us

We believe that entrepreneurs are a league by themselves and have thousands of untold stories about their entrepreneurial journey. They contribute to the well being of the society and nation as a whole, even though it sometimes means sacrificing their personal lives in the process. Journeys are not about origins and destinations, but everything in between. The failures, the fall-downs and the setbacks before the success not only make it more lively and worthwhile, but also have a potential to inspire others.

Journeys Untold gives entrepreneurs a platform to express their in-depth experiences into the path they have chosen to achieve their dreams and aspirations. And we want to capture that in the most beautiful way and showcase it to the world!

We invite you to be a part of this initiative by telling us about your untold journey and also unravel the successes and failures of your fellow entrepreneurs in the process.

Journeys Untold is a Lamphouse Creatives initiative. The founders of this venture are Mohit Shukla, Ruchi Pancholi, Rachna Shukla.