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Torch bearer of new age education – Suwarna Surlakar



Learning is often the only skill for survival for anyone, a strong foundation in any skill of learning is of utmost importance as the foundation will keep the concepts clear and enable us to perform any job easier. While teaching is considered the noblest of all the professions, a teacher who’s intent lies in raising strong roots is unforgettable. We present today Suwarna Surlakar, she’s a one woman army who keenly observed her students and realized that many of them had their fundaments slightly different which lead them to fear in their respective exams. A recipient of International award, ‘Young Woman Engineer’ honoured at the Venus International Women’s Awards, she has filed 2 patents with her students, Droidlock a door locking technology and Smart crop management, an automated agricultural technology. Her story in the following, Suwarna gives a brief account on how she addressed the need for tweaking the way children are educated, her vision to build  her start up Codewell Computers.

My mother was a teacher by profession and retired as a head mistress of Government primary school. I have always watched her shape many children in her school guiding and educating them, I naturally understood that education plays a vital role in shaping up abilities in everyone. After I completed B.E from Rayeshwar institute of engineering and Information technology, Shiroda in the year 2007, I started teaching in engineering college in 2008, along the way I completed my M.E from PCCE Verna, in the year 2011. While I thoroughly enjoyed teaching, I noticed that many of my students lacked clarity in the concepts. This in turn affected their performance in the exams. It was heart breaking to see these students carrying backlogs and loosing confidence.

In times, where there is highest competition at every level in every field, these students will go on to have a low self esteem and would probably need to work harder, starting from the basics. I kept finding ways to get to the root of this problem. That is when I decided to start Codewell Computers, a school for young children. Why children you may ask,  kids are excited and are always open to experiments and that’s what I love about them. Their enthusiasm is their driving force. They are always happy to work on their own and solve problems and experience their success. Also at this time they are getting familiar with science and mathematics and if we make their concepts clear and  build a strong foundation then we raise a bunch of confident children who can attempt furthermore bigger scientific problems with ease.

At Codewell  Computers, we have been training kids on robotics which not only focuses on kits but on the small issues of how science helps in contributing in the digital world. How scrap in their homes can become their friends. We also train them in  simple physics concepts like motions, energy etc. Basic understanding like these increase their interest in studies thereby increasing concentration and confidence. I have seen children focusing in their studies and performing better after becoming part of the Codewell Computers curriculum. Some of the concerned parents I meet often wonder if their child is cut out to learn technology, I want to assure everyone that we live in a digitised world where each of us need to be on par with changing or evolving technology. We at Codewell Computers also conduct Summer and Winter camps for students.

My vision is to inspire many children to innovate and contribute their valuable knowledge and expertise in technology. My venture is the first of its kind to develop books that explain electronics with animated books. This book has live circuits with re-useable components that kids would love to use and develop interest in technology.

This book is released under the name KIDZTRONICS Level 1, this series will have many more levels to come.

Currently level 2 is under development. My motivation comes from my students, when I see them successfully completing each level at Codewell computers with flying colours and seeing them brimming with confidence.

Contact Codewell Compluters @+917262001268 / +919823426380

Building A Marketplace For New Vehicles To Empower Rural India: Journey of Balaji Kaisetty

Building A Marketplace For New Vehicles To Empower Rural India: Journey of Balaji Kaisetty

Triggered by his own experience of unmet needs as a youngster, Balaji Kaisetty set up NayaGaadi as a Multi utility platform to meet the automobile needs of the Rural India.NayaGaadi.com is on the road to revolutionize the new automobile buying experience by using the online channel.

The Early Story

Hailing from a rural village in Andhra Pradesh called Thadukupeta, Nagari Mandal of Chittoor District, Balaji Kaisetty admits that his certain desires and needs were not met during his younger days due to the rural market dynamics, especially when he wanted to own a bike and tractor of his choice! “The rural Indian automobile consumer is grossly underserved,” opines he. There are no showrooms or dealers, no service centers in many rural parts of the country as it is unviable to set one up. This left a lasting impression on him.

After spending 20 years in Global IT Companies like IBM, Hewlett Packard, Wipro Technologies in various roles, He, along with Sangeetha Thulasi, setup NayaGaadi in 2015. NayaGaadi is rural India’s first multi utility marketplace for all new vehicles. The platform connects all brands, and categories of new vehicles under one roof. NayaGaadi is currently operating in Bengaluru (Karnataka) and Berhampur (Odisha) and has served customers in four Indian states (Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu) and plans to expand to 30 more Tier -1 cities in the next 2 years.From every Tier-1 cities thousands of rural and semi rural areas will be supported..

Digitizing Automobile Retail with NayaGaadi

NayaGaadi offers personalized service and delivery, be it multi brand test drives, vehicle financing needs, insurance assistance, registration, deals and discounts and takes care of last mile delivery. Essentially, NayaGaadi is a solution to India’s Automobile Industry problems and its Bridging the Gap between Urban and Rural Automobile dealerships and consumers by bringing transparency, flexibility, simplicity and convenience. NayaGaadi’s solution addresses the automobile needs of a rural consumer by connecting them to all brands, under all categories of new vehicles. Its technology driven marketplace connects dealers, automobile manufacturers, banks, financing companies and insurance companies and consumers.

For the buyer, NayaGaadi offers a platform that allows them to buy a new vehicle – autos, bikes, mopeds, cycle’s, cars, buses, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and more –with home delivery facility. Balaji explains that on the seller side, it acts as a platform for launching new electric vehicles and mobility solutions to help new age EV startups reach their target audience within a short span of time. Additionally, this platform also connects body builders, fabricators, custom design specialists in the automobile sector with the new vehicle consumers to understand their needs. “This will help consumers get standardized service, cost and quality deliverables with simplicity as a key focus,” says Kaisetty.

To make all this happen, the company has established partnerships with dealers and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) across categories. It gets its revenue from every new vehicle sold through its platform in the form of commission from dealers, OEMs, banks, insurance companies and value added product vendors. Nayagaadi uses Technology  and marketplace model to reach grass root level auto consumers and positioning themselves as an emerging channel for Automobile companies and Dealers. Automobile Industry will see NayaGaadi as a discovery, demand and delivery platform for new vehicles.

Offering what customer wants

The best way of doing and growing business is delivering what customer needs and how he needs it. India has come a long way and the current Internet and Mobile penetration has changed the Indian and Business Landscape. NayaGaadi is able to educate and provide awareness about their platform and services to make the impact. It has come a long way from when it started and currently has more than 100 + dealers and 15 manufacturers registered on its platform.

Handling huge online transactions

Consumers are very conservative when it comes to making huge payments online. However, the landscape changed with many ecommerce players delivering the goods safely and helping the ecosystem to make reliable and safer online payments. Thanks to many innovative modes of making payments like wallets, QR Code payments, Payment gateways, Virtual payments, Online EMI payments and App based payments which makes online payments easier, faster, traceable and safer. Balaji believes that it is a matter of time for consumers to get comfortable in making online payment for amount that complements a new vehicle purchase.

Not without its own challenges

“We faced numerous challenges in convincing the dealers, manufacturers and customers,” recalls the founder. He says that attracting top talent for a bootstrapped startup is a difficult and time consuming process. “It is even more complex when you are not funded. However, we are passionate about the problem we are trying to solve and we are sure that soon our team will grow faster to meet the demands of the business” says Balaji.

It is tough for any player to meet the demands of a diverse segment of customers in traditional way. However, that’s where technology enabled solutions makes scaling a reality. NayaGaadi is handling this problem with trusted Rural Agent Networks(RAN) creating rural employment and trust which helps technology platforms to provide value and make personalized service and delivery seamless.

Talking about marketing strategy, Balaji admits that as a bootstrapped company, their marketing budget is quite low. However, its customers, who are their early adapters, have become their brand ambassadors and spread awareness about the company. The company also uses social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn  actively.

“Investors also realized that automobile sector needs to change the way it does business due to globalization and changing digital landscape of the country.  And so, a transparent and convenient buying experience is needed when a customer is trying to buy a new vehicle,” opines Balaji. However, for the dealers and automobile manufacturers, online transactions mean discounts. “They are very conservative about the technology platform. But, we are able to demonstrate its benefits to all the stakeholders in the ecosystem,” he says.

NayaGaadi currently works with 10 banks and has sold more than 70 vehicles worth Rs. 3.5 crore and has aided 500 + test drives, so far. The company has even facilitated the launch of India’s first cross over Electric bike called Volta-Zap( now it is known as Smartron Tronxone E Bike ). “Our ticket size last year ranged from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 18 Lakhs and the average ticket size now stands at 13 lakhs.” says Balaji.

Rural Agents and Franchise model

NayaGaadi is looking at tapping the rural youth to build its rural agents network and also create multi brand experience centers run by NayaGaadi franchise network.We are currently in the early stages of the development and working on this process.


NayaGaadi journey is recognized by the eco system in various ways. Some of the recognitions / Awards are:

Selected as launch pad startup from - IIM Bangalore – NSR CELL
Incubated at Govt of Karnataka and IAMAI Mobile10X, NASSCOM
Govt of Karnataka ELEVATE 100 Winner
ET Power of Ideas 2017 - Phase-2 Selected start up.
IIM Calcutta - Smartfifty.com - Top 3000 Selected start up.
Tech in Asia recommended 'NayaGaadi' as curated start up to invest in Asia.

NayaGaadi Team

NayaGaadi Team

Future Panorama

The Company aims to stabilize its technology platform and get more dealers on board, work on its product range, brands and portfolio to help the consumer take an informed decision. In the immediate future, it aims to enter few rural districts in Karnataka. It has also launched operations in Orissa, Barampur District. As a part of its initial expansion in South India, it is targeting five major Tier 1 cities including Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada,Chennai and Cochin.

In the next two years, it plans to enter 25 tier 1 cities in other parts of India. Currently,NayaGaadi is in advanced stage discussion with some of the global automobile players entering India to help and assist them to reach rural India innovatively. It aims to stabilize its technology platform and get more dealers on board. “We are trying to raise an initial pre-seed round of Rs. 3 crore to Rs. 5 crore to aid our expansion plans in south India and grow faster in this vertical.

NayaGaadi aims to build a sustainable new retail ( both online and offline ) experience, customer driven company solving India’s traditional problems.We are trying to build a company which is scalable and sustainable and plans to be listed in Indian stock market in the near future. NayaGaadi will utilize all the technology benefits to create mass employment opportunies in the rural India. Think New Vehicle and Think NayaGaadi ”says Balaji as a concluding note.

Making Cryptocurrency The Next Big Thing – Journey Of Nitin Goyal

Nitin goyal image-1


We live in a fast evolving virtual world where many applications and tools are developed in order to make lives less complicated. Our day to day activities have become easier right from shopping to booking appointments to traveling and the list is just endless. However, there are always unexplored paths in IT that can be developed and applied in real life.

Its a great pleasure to connect with Mr. Nitin Goyal, who is heading into the virtual space with his start-up TRETCoin, with a goal to optimise the Blockchain technology. A man of many hats, he is also a visiting professor at the XIM Bhubaneswar, founder of the group ‘Meetup on Blockchain technology' which has now more that 650 active members in Bangalore and has also helped in building successful start-ups for his friends. Presenting here verbatim a brief account on his life, ideals and most importantly his journey on starting TRETCoin.

I come from a conservative business family, born and raised in Agra - the city of The Taj Mahal. While schooling, my siblings and I were very clear that we had to work hard and do well in our respective education. I had never planned on what I should pursue after school or which career path I wanted to choose when I grow up. However, with the determination to do well in my studies, I landed up in IIT Roorkee and completed my B.Tech in 1996 with flying colours. After that, I went on to do my MBA from the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar and stood being the topper of my batch in 2006.

I have always worked in the IT sector right from the inception of my career, at the beginning with TCS in 1996, then with Oracle India and later with British Telecom until recently. My last couple of roles in British Telecom were to work as Platform Director for the Revenue Assurance practice and also set up the Big Data Center of Expertise. I am always abreast with the latest technology and apart from performing my managerial responsibilities at British Telecom, I have been equally passionate about coding, architecture and design.

I was closely following the industry trends specially in the field of big data. This in my opinion is the necessity of survival because it’s a very fast evolving space.My advice to many young IT enthusiasts/ entrepreneurs would be to inculcate the habit of keeping an eye on the current trends in your area of interest as this will help you in the long run.

I started looking at technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and Blockchain and immediately realized the huge potential and disruptive forces being unleashed by them. I was following Bitcoin closely since late 2015 when it was more of a fad. I think that we have not even touched the surface with Blockchain technology yet and there is a big force at play that can be as disruptive as the internet was in early 90's. I quickly understood that this is the next big thing that can change the business scene in a major way.

Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, I always had that bug inside me to start something on my own. While I enjoyed my corporate job, I was more keen on developing my own venture in Blockchain. So, I quit my job at British Telecom in April 2018 and have been relentlessly working on building up my start-up TRETCoin which is due to be launched by July 2018.

nitin ghoyal one

The disruptive potential of Blockchain technology is not limited to payments and fin-tech, but there are multiple possibilities in the retail and loyalty space which we are planning to tap with the launch of TRETcoin which is a cryptocurrency that is (T)radeable, (R)edeemable, (E)arnable, (T)ransferrable.

It’s in our human nature to love freebies and gifts. In many ways we are rewarded with loyalty points and rewards when we associate with a certain bank or other merchandise, too often these rewards are ignored by most of the customers as we all find it cumbersome to run though the process in collecting the gifts assured, but after a period of time the rewards expire.

To the customer, this loss may be none or negligible (because it’s mostly ignored), but given a choice to redeem the rewards in terms of cryptocurrency, I am sure everyone would be happy to try. That’s the aim of TRETCoin - to target that gap and provide the customers the rewards they might have neglected and ensure they are benefited in long term. The fundamental responsibility I see here is when the customers are convinced, it’s our duty to keep them satisfied. When customers find that reliability in us, they will fearlessly make use of TRETCoin. That is my motto, to always do the right thing and ensure the customer is happy.

Right now, since TRETCoin is in a very early stage, it’s too soon to predict the future. However, one lesson I have learnt is that one must not look at an outcome when you start-up but enjoy the process, the uncertainties and the challenges. The outcome is not in your hands, but if you like what you do and are flexible to align to market shifts and trends, then the outcome will more or less fall in place. It is essential to identify the right moment and take the leap, sort your finances and be open minded. It is also imperative to be rational when you decide to do a start-up and not be emotional and also learn when to stop.

Nitin goyal 2

For any venture persistence is the key to remain in the business because the road you tread upon is not always rosy but a mix of sweet successes and few bitter failures. Whenever I have been involved in the building of a start-up my goal has been, how can anyone be impacted with our solution. How can we improve the quality of life. At the end of the day all that matters is, how could we simplify our regular activities with ease and how many lives have I touched.

Contact Nitin Goyal @9740811600 nigoyal@gmail.com

High On Life…and Fitness: Pooja Menon

Pooja menon image-1


“The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your Calling.” Sitting in front of a desktop, about 14 years back, I used to wonder when I would find my actual calling, that which would want me to look forward to Mondays, give me joy. Very few are fortunate enough to find “It” and pursue it too. I can very happily say, I have been one of them.

I was born in Delhi, brought up in Gujarat and Kerala, did my college in Chennai and got married and settled in Bangalore. After taking Science in my school, I was really hoping to do Nutrition and Dietetics in Chennai. Unfortunately, or as luck would have it(cause life has its own plans), I ended up doing English Literature and pursuing my NIIT course.

The obvious transition was getting into the IT Sector. I started my career as a Quality Assurance Assistant, followed by being a Graphic Designer for an MNC, and then jumped on to becoming a Technical Writer in Bangalore. I went to work, trying to convince myself that I am loving it and genuinely look forward to Mondays. But heart of hearts I wasn’t that convinced. I would constantly question myself, is this what I am supposed to do for the rest of my life?

I got pregnant and promptly quit my job by the end of my term, primarily because I wanted to enjoy this phase of my life and also because what I was doing was not exciting me so much. Our first born came into our lives in 2004 and  I got busy with him and the house, putting my career on the back burner, except for occasional projects. I was still looking for my Eureka moment.

Pooja Menon-2
Pooja Menon-3

My second bundle of joy arrived in 2010. This time, I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy too, piling on weight with the “licensed” eating. I was around 95 kilos when my son was born. After that started the joint aches and pains and inability to move freely due to the added mass on me. I used to always enjoy working out, so I decided to restart where I had left off. Finding it difficult to lose weight, I sought guidance from someone to train me, but back then there weren’t too many trainers to help ladies like me. That got me thinking, maybe I can train myself to train people who need that extra push, that extra guidance.

The mere thought of it charged me up, and within 6 months of my delivery, I joined the Reebok Certified Group Instructors Training program. Still struggling with my weight, I put in my heart and soul into the training. I saw the kilos shedding with proper lifestyle changes, diet modifications and exercise. With that, dawned the realization that maybe this is what I am meant to do…this is my calling. I was meant to make people feel the way I felt when I started getting back into shape. That was my Eureka moment. And there has been no looking back ever since.

I started taking Aerobics and Step classes in 2011. I would travel a distance of over 20 km at 5 in the morning to take two back to back classes for a mere 300 Rupees. That was my starting. I always remind myself of that, it helps me stay grounded and thankful. The same year, I happen to stumble upon a Zumba Fitness Certification happening near my home. Since we needed to constantly upgrade ourselves, I thought I might as well attend the course. Without attending a single Zumba class, I completed my certification, and there I was, in love all over again. I fell harder this time…. Completely loved Zumba and started taking classes in studios and communities ever since.

Pooja Menon-4
Pooja Menon-5

I constantly like upgrading myself, so during these 8 years of my journey as a Fitness professional, I have done a lot of certifications, which I use on a daily basis for my clients. I have certified in Zumba Kids and Zumba Kids junior and take classes for kids between the age group of 4 to 11. The other certifications include Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao, Jukari Fit to Flex, Cardio Kickboxing to name a few. I also certified as a Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise(ACE) and started taking Personal training sessions for clients.

I completed my Sports Nutrition Certification from ACE and was able to handle the diet requirements for my clients. I have also done my Nirvana Fitness course which is a form that concentrates on correct breathing and includes Yoga and Pilates set to soothing meditative music. This helps to heal internally and destress and detox the system. I am currently pursuing an Image Consultancy course from ICBI, so that I can assist my clients with looking and feeling good inside out.  I love baking too and have done a couple of orders for birthday parties.

In the midst of all the work, I wanted to do something which challenged me, tested me to the limits. I attempted the Everest Base Camp trek in November 2017.. 12 days of trekking, under extreme climatic conditions and basic amenities made me appreciate what I had back home. It most importantly made me realize that once u set your mind on a goal, it can be accomplished, no matter how tough the path is. I intend doing more such treks in the future, time permitting.

Pooja Menon-6

My biggest achievement in my life so far has been the smiles I have bought into people’s lives. Be it with an insanely crazy Zumba session, or an intense body conditioning class, be it a relaxing Nirvana session, or guiding my girls with what colours or hairstyles suit them. Nothing compares to the satisfaction that comes from them coming into class, with those wide smiles and glint in their eyes, and going back feeling good at the end of that one hour.

My next venture is starting a studio where I can bring all that I have to offer under one roof. Group classes, like Zumba, Nirvana, and Body conditioning, which will be a holistic and rounded approach to Fitness. Nutrition counselling, Image Consulting counselling and Mind Body workshops will be a part of it too. Very soon, it shall see the light of day. One more secret wish is to be able to start a Baking Studio. U can come bake your cake, eat it too, and then work it all off!!

All this has been possible because I waited for my Eureka moment, and pursued it. My super supportive family has been my backbone, helping me achieve my dreams all along. Every obstacle that I have faced, I have been able to take it up as a challenge and overcome and move ahead. Like someone very rightly said, “It never gets Easier, you just get Stronger.”

8 years of hard work, 8 years of utmost satisfaction, 8 years of bringing smiles to faces, 8 years of meeting amazing people I am in touch with even today.. 8 years of learning and building my knowledge about Food and Fitness, 8 years of inspiring people to become trainers themselves.. 8 years of unadulterated joy doing what I have always wanted to do. It’s time to bring it all under one roof. Not an entrepreneur in the true sense, but almost there. Many more years of changing lives lie ahead of me, and I am rearing to go. Like they say, “Every day is another chance to get stronger, to be the best version of YOU.. cause YOU matter…”

Pooja Menon conducts Zumba and Nirvana on-premise classes. She can be contacted on email at poojamenon05@gmail.com

Building A Geriatric Ecosystem – Santosh Abraham

Santosh Abraham image-1
Building A Geriatric Ecosystem – Santosh Abraham


I was born and brought up in Trivandrum, Kerala.  After completing my graduation, I took up a job and worked for a couple of years there. I came to Bangalore and started working in a reputed corporation. The charm of the city was too tempting for me to move anywhere else. I therefore settled here with my family, however my parents continue to stay back in the native. My parents, like many of our parents, are quite independent and live a highly principled life helping everyone in need. My sister and I have grown up with these core values instilled in us.

With my ageing parents staying away from me, it was getting challenging to be at their disposal for immediate help when they were physically or emotionally weak. Although some of my relatives helped them, yet that never could be a permanent solution.This led me to look for a service that could take care of such situations. But sadly, there was not much available for geriatric care. That’s when I realized that I had to begin a venture that would cater to the care of not only my parents but many others too. With the rise in the number of nuclear families, there was a clear gap where geriatric care was concerned.

Santosh Abraham image-2

My Strength, My Parents

Santosh Abraham image-3

With my daughters - My Pride and Joy

With 20 years of experience in a comfortable job, starting a venture wasn’t quite easy. I faced a lot of criticism for taking this step but nothing would deter me from changing my mind. When you are set on an uncertain path inspite of discouragement, you will find people, like minded too. One such person is our co-founder,Vandana, who could relate to my vision and share my passion towards geriatric care. Together, we thus started ElderAid, with a vision to bring geriatric care to mainstream focus. Today when we talk about geriatric care, many of us associate it with hospital and sickness, whereas there are quite a lot of elders who can still be productive and add value to the society in many ways.

Santosh Abraham image-4

Family Time

We, at ElderAid, want to be the single point of contact for the families and want to promote the importance of mental and physical wellness and well-being among elders and its positive impact on their health in a long term. Culture mindset is our biggest hurdle. Most people expect ElderAid to be a free service given the noble cause, whereas ElderAid is a 'for profit’ social enterprise. Other biggest road block is that people look at geriatric care more as a reactionary service than being proactive about it, which ensures better quality of life for the elders.

There is hardly any work done for the senior citizens through CSR activities. Advocacy for this sector is quite important as most of the organisations come under the 18% GST for the service rendered. In my opinion, people and corporates need to look beyond their current set of sectors that they work with under CSR scheme, there are lot of sectors that need awareness and acceptance from the society. From a corporate point of view, lot of measures can be taken to promote healthy living, importance of being active, mental health through their CSR activities, which will help their own employees and productivity.

Santosh Abraham image-5

The team that eats together, stays together - The ElderAid Team

I thus foresee a bright future ahead for ElderAid. Our intent is to take it to as many families as we can so that they can enjoy the benefits of the services we offer. We have many satisfied customers who are happy with our venture and when I hear their stories I feel all the hard work that has gone in building up ElderAid, has paid off. At the end of the day, that satisfaction is what gives me a high.

In the journey of entrepreneurship, you really have to just focus on making your dream into reality and to achieve this, one has to be always self motivated. Highs and lows are part of the dream and they keep you grounded too. That’s what success means to me – leaving behind a legacy, to touch lives in a positive manner, to be able to influence someone’s life and change it for the better and work productively for the society.

Contact ElderAid @9845066344 Santosh@elderaid.in www.ElderAid.com

Democratizing Education: Piyush Kumar

Piyush kumar image-1

Lionel Messi once remarked that it took him 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success! Spend some time with the founders at urTutors.com and you would realize that each one of them not just brings complementary skill sets to the table but also the unique trait of being ready for the long haul.

urTutors.com is a promising new venture offering affordable online and offline tutoring solutions through its platform for classes 6-12. It connects certified home tutors to students and manages the tutoring process with proprietary content and analytics. The unique proposition that the start-up has come up with is development of skilling centers for tutors to prepare the next generation of qualified tutors to fuel their demand of students worldwide.

A look at the composition of the founding team and the passion that they put into their work and you get an idea that they are marching in the right direction to become a pioneer in the edTech space by ‘democratizing education’ as they call it. The team has Prof. K. C. Sinha, a top Mathematician of the country with 35 years of industry experience as a Professor and author in Mathematics, as their Chief Mentor. His books clock an annual sale of close to 4 lakh copies per annum. Prof. Sinha has been a reputed name in the competitive examinations (like IIT-JEE) segment for over three decades. 

Prof. K. C. Sinha image

Prof. K. C. Sinha

The other directors of the company include Anurag and Abbyshek Chandra, both IIT graduates from Kanpur and Roorkee respectively. Abbyshek also has an MBA from ISB, Hyderabad. The two have been running a successful publishing company Eduwiser Publishing Group in the K-12 segment with some of the best authors in their respective fields like Prof. K. C. Sinha and Prof. P. Bahadur on board.

Anurag Chandra image

Anurag Chandra

Harshit Laddha image

Harshit Laddha

Abbyshek Chandra image

Abbyshek Chandra

urTutors [www.urtutors.com] was the brainchild of Piyush Kumar, the CEO of urTutors. It started from very humble beginnings in the streets of Bengaluru where this young engineering graduate started offering quality tutoring services to his clientele. He carved a niche for himself in the market in seven years. At one point in time, he was managing over 100 tuitions with around 20 consultant tutors when he met Harshit Laddha, the CTO of urTutors who also happened to be his junior from college. Harshit was working with HP when he decided to leave his plush job to give the required technological ammunition to fuel Piyush’s vision of setting up urTutors. “The motivation to build a platform that solved a real problem was enough to bid goodbye to a cushy job!” says the calm and collected Harshit.

“Picking up the right founding team was uncompromisable. I burnt a lot of my personal saving to sustain but didn’t give in to the lure of accepting any funding without building a team that could take urTutors to the highest level. Thankfully, the wait was worth the while!” says Piyush when asked on what made him approach Prof. K. C. Sinha and Eduwiser (Anurag and Abbyshek Chandra) to get on board.

urTutors Team image

urTutors Team

Business-wise, urTutors is registering a good growth. A variety of customizable quality services offered by the company has made it a name to reckon with in the local tutoring market in Bengaluru. The team now looks to expand by using its scalable model in both the online and offline modes to other cities across India. “The online education market will grow manifold. We want to build an ecosystem for the tutoring market where the increased demand is met by a sustained resource pool that is both skilled and available at an affordable rate”, says Abby.

When asked how they look at fending off the stiff competition from big players in the market, the urTutors team remained upbeat about its chances. They feel that the education market is big enough to accommodate quality players. “Our confidence comes from the fact that we have focussed on keeping our basics right and have a profitable revenue model in place,” opines Anurag.

The sky is the limit for the urTutors team and they look well placed to take on the challenge.

Contact urTutors @9799554123  piyush@urtutors.com www.urtutors.com

Laying A Foundation To Unlimited Learning: Satish Rajagopalan

Satish Rajagopalan image


Tech visionary Satish Rajagopalan set out with a dream, an idea, to develop an online platform for Quality Training. This dream became a reality when Satish founded ApnaCourse [www.apnacourse.com] in August 2013. ApnaCourse launched by Fynamics Training Solutions Pvt Ltd (Formerly known as SpearheadEduOnline Pvt LTD) is India's leading MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform. It is the Online Training Platform for Globally Recognized Certifications and are delivered by Renowned and Certified Experts. At present ApnaCourse provides various courses to thousands of individuals.

Satish Rajagopalan holds a B-tech degree in computer science,an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship and a post-graduation in Finance. He has 9+ years’ experience across multiple industries including a leading Mutual Fund house as a Business Analyst and at India's largest Research and Ratings agency as a Research Analyst.

Thus, we have Satish Rajagopalan,Founder,Director and CEO sharing with us insights on his incredible Journey as an Entrepreneur.

Tell us something about yourself

I love everything tech. My passion is to explore new technologies and assess how they can reduce mundane manual works.  I did my B.Tech in Computer Science from VIT Vellore and completed a Post Graduation in Finance from NITIE Mumbai and an MBA from Great Lakes, Chennai. I graduated magna cum laude (the highest level of academic distinction) in MBA (gold medalist) and a merit scholar in graduation. In the last few years, my focus has been mainly on technology products and cyber security. I’m a CISA, CISSP, CISM and an ITIL Foundation certified professional and have served as a member of the ISMS (Information Security Management System) committee for assessment and implementation of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and as Director of Technology, in my prior engagements.

What inspired you to be an Entrepreneur?

My dad’s an entrepreneur and I’ve probably been heavily influenced by that.Ever since I joined college, I wanted to be an entrepreneur someday. This thought was triggered when I was at Mumbai, working as a Research Analyst.My friends used to prepare for the CFA and FRM exams and would apply to classroom trainings. But given the work pressure, they would miss out on most classes. Furthermore, some trainers were students who had passed the certification exam few weeks ago and had no prior teaching experience. This motivated me to bring in an online platform with qualified experts to provide quality training. The idea has hence, evolved over the years to what is ApnaCourse today.

"Entrepreneurs need to be self-motivated. I believe it’s the same in my case too. The zest to make it big motivates me to work every day and to do something large.
As far as I can go. In your own company, there are no limits. And once you realize it, there’s no stopping you."

What was the vision with which you started ApnaCourse?

The broad vision was to be an innovator in the Education space, whereby there’s recognition to the business model and the technology landscape that has been built. Internet is so prevalent in our lives today, that it can make a huge impact in the way education is delivered. I wanted to integrate Education with Internet, and that was the seed of ApnaCourse. I may have made a humble beginning but certainly have miles to go.

How was the idea conceived and evolved over time?

The business model that ApnaCourse is today has certainly evolved from what I initially envisioned. While I did want to venture in the EdTech space, the original idea was slightly divergent to the current model. The change has been necessitated due to various external factors. Nonetheless, the core concept continues to remain as is and has been aligned to what I’ve always dreamt of doing.

"There’s nothing more important than education. With internet access reaching the corners of our society, technology enabled education like ours can aid in delivering quality education at affordable prices and make learning ubiquitous".



What were the challenges and setbacks that you faced at the start of your venture?

There were Multiple challenges. Our biggest challenges were acquiring our first faculty and getting the core team in place. The faculty prospects were highly skeptical about our online application. It took us some time and a lot of effort in getting them convinced and after many weeks, we got our first faculty to sign up. Then there were financial constraints. We have always been a bootstrapped startup. So we are constantly conscious of costs and had to balance faculty desires with our costing models. Other challenge has been to setup the right team. However, none of the challenges were setbacks, we just took them as opportunities and worked towards addressing them and we continue doing the same till now.

What, as per you, are the benefits that you have reaped out of this?

I believe that returns from any venture cannot be calculated only in terms of money. Even though we are doing well financially, there are many other non-monetary benefits that has given us excellent returns.

Today, we have faculties writing to us directly and asking for partnerships. As ApnaCourse stands today, we believe there are no new challenges, just opportunities to grow bigger. Fortunately, our staff is our main strength. They contribute to the success of ApnaCourse. Employees who believe in perfection and perseverance are an asset to any organization. Our value systems are strong, and our vision is a long term one. The skill and enthusiasm with which we approach our goals is extraordinary and it in turn garners immense customer satisfaction.

How do you envision ApnaCourse a few years from now?

Every entrepreneur comes with big dreams while starting his/her venture. There is no motivation without dreams. I too dreamt of being a leading innovator in EdTech space. I continue to nurture that dream and hopefully one day I will achieve it. It’s important to remember that technology cannot be the driver, but only an enabler. It must be combined with efficient business models to derive necessary and desired outcomes.

"In businesses there’s nothing like an ultimate goal, because once that goal is achieved, then the motivation to do more ends. Instead, I keep milestones and as and when those are achieved, newer and tougher milestones take birth."

What, as per you, are the benefits that you have reaped out of this?

I believe that returns from any venture cannot be calculated only in terms of money. Even though we are doing well financially, there are many other non-monetary benefits that has given us excellent returns.Today, we have faculties writing to us directly and asking for partnerships. As ApnaCourse stands today, we believe there are no new challenges, just opportunities to grow bigger. Fortunately, our staff is our main strength. They contribute to the success of ApnaCourse. Employees who believe in perfection and perseverance are an asset to any organization. Our value systems are strong, and our vision is a long term one. The skill and enthusiasm with which we approach our goals is extraordinary and it in turn garners immense customer satisfaction.

How do you envision ApnaCourse a few years from now?

Every entrepreneur comes with big dreams while starting his/her venture. There is no motivation without dreams. I too dreamt of being a leading innovator in EdTech space. I continue to nurture that dream and hopefully one day I will achieve it. It’s important to remember that technology cannot be the driver, but only an enabler. It must be combined with efficient business models to derive necessary and desired outcomes.

"In businesses there’s nothing like an ultimate goal, because once that goal is achieved, then the motivation to do more ends. Instead, I keep milestones and as and when those are achieved, newer and tougher milestones take birth."


What are your expectations from this venture?

Expectations vary over time. Currently my short-term expectations are to constantly deliver more and more value adding and new age courses on the portal. The long-term expectation is to make ApnaCourse the one stop shop for all professionals to learn and enhance their skill sets.There are certain risk areas that we monitor constantly, and I would be lying if I say we had no fallback plans. Nonetheless, we are quite confident on our business model and the market approach, so we aren’t too focused on executing a fallback option soon.

What is that one goal that you work for?

The plan is to become the one stop learning center for all professionals. In this regard, we are constantly adding newer and market relevant courses. My personal plans are to stabilize the product and then to start other related tech focused business while passing the baton to able seniors who can ensure its maturity and growth.

""The ultimate goal is to be remembered as an individual who made a mark in his field."



What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage it?

Failure is my greatest fear. It probably is with many entrepreneurs because not just us but our families, friends and even colleagues are dependent on our success. I get a lot of support from my family and my team is well supported by senior members who understand delivery pressures and align teams to perform at their best potentials.

What are your ideals?

Trust yourself. I’ve been criticized many times for being in the space I’m in and for the business model of ApnaCourse. I’ve just followed my instincts most of the times and fortunately the odds have been low.Just believe in yourself and if you feel your idea is good, then go with it. Don’t bother on what others say or do. If you can be your product’s first paying customer without any bias, then rest assured there are many others who’ll want to buy it.

What does success mean to you?

For me, success is an everyday mantra. It’s not an ultimate goal. If at the end of the day, you feel good about something and if you have achieved what you set out to, for that day, then that is success. And it is this success which will give you a peaceful sleep that night. So, success can be money for some, recognition for others. It’s what each one defines. But it’s what is going to give you happiness and peace.

“I will go as far as I can to succeed. In your own company, there are no limits. And once you realize that, there are no stoppages and there is no stopping you”



Contact Apna Course @+91 73536 05333  support@apnacourse.com www.apnacourse.com

On A Mission With A Vision : Sreekar Kothamachu

Sreekar Kothamachu image

The turn of events

As an Engineer by profession, I have learnt that solving any complex problem requires connecting 2 dots at a time. Once I have figured out which 2 dots, I do a deep dive into the details, analyze the pros and cons and then move forward with taking decisions. But that is not how it happened when i started my own venture - Nesa MedTech. If I had analyzed it as much I usually do, I would never had been able to leave my cosy corporate job in healthcare and jump onto the entrepreneur bandwagon. Having said this, I had always aspired of being an entrepreneur, of doing what I am doing now, but when i saw an opportunity walk right in, I had to grab it with all I had.

The goal setting

I was very clear from the beginning that I wanted to continue working in the healthcare domain and innovate medical devices, since I had more than 10 years experience working in reputed healthcare companies with core expertise in domain knowledge, system engineering and medical regulatory standards. But I was not sure what. There were a few feedback's and thoughts that I  had gathered from renowned doctors about this, but on further validation with other doctors, I got contradicting opinions. That is when I decided that I should spend some quality time in hospitals observing the daily activities of doctors and patients to find the pain areas or gaps that the system faced in terms of technology. I was sure that I would get some insight on how and where to start.

After a few months of my research, I could narrow down my goal to look at the real unmet clinical problems that occurred in hospitals. And shortly, I found the specific ones that I wanted to focus on to find solutions with my very first startup. And thus, after 6 months diligence, I founded and registered NESA MEDTECH PRIVATE LTD.[www.nesamedtech.com] with a vision of developing novel and affordable diagnostic and therapeutic devices for emerging countries, like India. Our vision was to pursue business through innovation and technology and build minimally invasive therapeutic device innovations at an affordable cost to address social and economic burden.

Sreekar Kothamachu team
Sreekar Kothamachu image

Aligning to Entrepreneurship

As an individual, I felt I was not living up to my potential while working with a corporate as I always believed that I could do much more. That is when I decided that some day, I would like to run a business of my own. And I have realized that entrepreneurship is the only way to explore yourself beyond your limits and limitations and exploit the ample opportunities available to you. I am having a great learning curve in this journey in various aspects. The experience from this journey has given me a platform to speak at various corporate forums and engineering colleges.

The product(s) that we are developing are yet to be accepted in Indian markets and reap financial gains. But these are the hitches that every  new product or company face in their initial years and are termed as teething problems. It is a matter of patience and perseverance. But what motivates me and keeps me going are the out-of-the-box solutions that we build and the tremendous socioeconomic benefits it will have in the near future.

The fair share of challenges

Challenges for an entrepreneur are an everyday thing. I may sound philosophical, but that’s the fact. My major challenge was to leave a great, cozy corporate job and plunge into entrepreneurship at a time when I was just blessed with a baby girl.

My greatest fears are the technical and strategy decisions that I have to take on daily basis  - Am I doing this right? Is this the right step to take?. However, we undergo periodic exercises where we have discussions with our mentors to ensure that I am on the right track. I know that at any stage, I can go back to the corporate world for leadership roles and that thought gives me the security from What-ifs. However, I don't want to go down that line of thought and defocus from making this venture work.

Anticipating the future

Giving back to society has been our motto from the time we started. Working in healthcare domain and developing solutions that have great social impact is the fuel that we need to fire our passion. The ultimate goal is to keep evolving at every phase of life. Success is about clearing your to-do's on a daily basis consistently for a period of time. Entrepreneurship is a journey. I have still not planned my distinct destination but my immediate destination is to develop a demonstrable product and initiate clinical studies on patients.

The Creative Wanderlust – Rachna Shukla

Rachna Shukla image-1

Discovering Fascination for Designs Early On

I am already midway through my life, and if I look back I can say that I am more of a wanderer than a driven entrepreneur. In fact, I find it difficult to identify what drives me and what is it that I am working towards in the larger scheme of things. I guess in past, my goals have been more like a wish or a strong interest at the best, that if does not materialize, I change them anyway. Keeps disappointment away I guess.

I wanted to be an architect when I was very young. Spaces, especially dwellings, fascinated me always. Maybe because as a middle class family we were always trying to optimize the little space we would have, mostly rented, never exactly the way we would want it to be. That too was ever changing - I had moved houses thirteen times till I was twenty one and then twenty one times in last twenty four years.

I remember I created a house layout when I was in grade 5 and showed it to my class teacher. She asked me why I made so many small rooms around the courtyard, to which I explained that they look small on paper but they are actually big - I even gave dimensions to my drawing, though I don’t remember what they were. Photography was the other interest I discovered very early on when my father gave his old camera to me. Shapes, colors, light, shadows, lines and curves  - I could always notice them and find beauty and joy when they would come together to my satisfaction.

Aligning to a different career path

Since I am not naturally a hard working person, I could not make through the intense competition for admissions in architecture college. So being an architect was ruled out right then. Finally I ended up being a software engineer and moved to U.S. soon after, as I wanted to be closer to someone I was getting interested in. It was very easy to get a job in U.S. those days for software engineers. I started my life in U.S. working for a small company in California, near silicon valley. A year or so later, a friend of mine invited me to come to his office to take photographs of the beautifully designed buildings. That office was Oracle’s head quarter, and when I went there, I was totally impressed by the awesome looking buildings and campus. I decided to work in those buildings and found a job in Oracle a few months later. It was really that easy at that time.

About an year later I decided to move to Portland, another town in north west of U.S. as I wanted to live closer to the person I was seeing then. After deciding that I wanted to live and work in Portland, I searched and found that Oracle had a small office in that city. So I looked up the employee directory of Portland, and sent a mail to the first Indian person in that directory. His last name was Atal so he was on top of it. I wrote to him that I am ready to take up a job in Portland office, even if it meant that I do that as a fresher, if my skill set does not match. I anyway found a good job in one of the groups there, with a wonderful person as my boss. I got settled in Portland and later married the person for whom I moved to the city.

Portland office atrium

Discovering the Art of Photography

Luckily my job as a software engineer, and the projects I did throughout my career as engineer, allowed me to get not just intellectual stimulus but also creative satisfaction - although of a very different kind. All the years that I was an engineer, I enjoyed my work completely, especially because I was lucky to always work with very happy and emotionally healthy teams. After few years in U.S., when I started getting dissatisfied with the amateurish photographs I was taking, I decided to start learning photography more seriously and professionally, and decided that I wanted to make photography my profession by the time I am 40.

I started taking evening classes after office in the very old and renowned Pacific College of Northwest and sometimes during weekends. I learned darkroom processing techniques and also took couple of classes on graphic designing and environmental portraits. This introduced me to the amazing world of fine art photography. I got completely taken over by this genre of photography and found something to genuinely strive towards. I believe my photography started improving with that and I decided to seriously pursue it to make my profession. I even started getting a few paid commissions for photographic work and that encouraged me even further. I then registered myself to a documentary movie making class. The more I was learning, the more I was getting pulled to the world of art, and I started feeling guilty of neither giving my full attention, nor time to my current job from where I was drawing salary. That was a gnawing feeling, and I felt dishonest. I started contemplating on quitting my job. But we had to suddenly move back to India due to some family situation, and I found myself on a completely different track in life.

My First venture - A photography studio

Although I got a job in Oracle India, but I had lost interest in my work by now. Alongside some conditions developed that encouraged me to pursue photography and quit job. So that’s what I did few months after moving back to India. Over next few years I established myself as a professional fine art photographer. I was 40 then. I setup my photo studio for portrait and commercial work, and also worked on fine art projects in parallel. I sold quite a few of my fine art images during this time. I had three solo exhibitions in next few years, and also did some commercial work for large and small businesses, ranging from Ernst & Young, Mantri developers, Raymond to jewelry designers, an aspiring magician, a chocolatier. Some of my photographic work can be viewed at my website www.studiokriti.com

  • A day's Work

I also created a fine art book on Gwalior during these years, that puts together my photographic work on ancient architecture in Gwalior, along with its tumultuous history and beautiful folk lore. I hope to publish it someday, more sooner than later, and hope that it will help in bringing more tourism to Gwalior. My exhibition on the images from this project, as well as the other two exhibitions, generated a lot of interest and got great reviews in newspapers - brought me few days of public recognition. Cheap thrills.

Designing The House of My Dreams

Few years down the line, we started planning to move to a larger and better home. We started looking at ready made homes and apartments and I somehow did not like anything that we saw, especially for the price they commanded. So I made a rough design of a house that we could build on a plot of land we owned, and convinced my husband that it would be a better idea to build rather than purchase a house. I then started working on a detailed design.  I had designed two other duplex homes in previous few years that got built and garnered interest and appreciation for its design. In roughly two years, we finally built a house that I am truly proud of, and consider that as one of my best creations so far. I worked on every single design aspect of the house, from large to the smallest details and could finally satisfy my longing to design and build a dwelling that I can consider perfect for the life I have with my family. It has been a deeply satisfying creative endeavor and has been widely praised by people known to me as well  as complete strangers.

And the journey goes on

By the time the house got completed, my brother Mohit founded a software company EQTribe [www.eqtribe.com] and I decided to work with him in making it a success. We started from scratch with a very small fund, and got some monetary help from some angel friends in next few months. We now have a product out in the market that is proving to be of value even in its early stages. This is the most challenging task that I have picked up till now, but will be most fulfilling when it comes to fruition.

And as I said, I am only at midway, and I have plenty of years to follow other interests - ones I currently have, and ones that I will discover...photography, painting, pottery making, running a cafe, an art objects gallery plus club, learning to dance…!!

Contact Rachna Shukla @ 9663310850  rachna.shukla@eqtribe.com www.studiokriti.com

Composing Melody from Notes and a Career from Melodies: Samuel Prashanth’s Musical Journey


The beginning of a dream

I was born and brought up in a small town called Bellary in Karnataka, in a business family. We had a normal, middle class upbringing and were brought up with values and discipline. My father always believed that one day, me and my brother will eventually join him and help carry the business legacy forward. And we did become a part of the business on completion of our respective graduations. However, I wasn’t able to stand the constant anxiety and stress resulting due to business related conflicts . Hence, I chose to quit the family business and decided to pursue a different career path. It was the year 2009.

I felt lost and disoriented and didn’t know what to do. I was a regular at church and I had grown up learning and playing music in the church. I felt a strong connect to music at that time and hence decided to pursue western classical on piano. The logical first step was to get some sort of coaching and direction. So I joined Ashlee Wesley school for Performing Arts in Bangalore and started getting trained in piano.

I was a natural at playing keyboard and I had learnt playing on my own, so learning in a systematic way was a process that entailed me to undo the previous learning and then begin learning in a systematic way. I completed 4 grades western classical course and cleared trinity music exam till grade 3 at Ashley School. After a year of learning piano, I also picked up violin and guitar, and was able to do some course correction and fine tuning on what I had learnt. I must say it was a challenging but interesting journey at that time, but I finally felt that with music, I have arrived.

Venture into the unknown and making it work

Passion gives rise to news ideas. And upon returning to my hometown Bellary, I met a few fellow musicians and shared with them my passion for music and the idea of starting music school since I knew there was a clear gap in that segment in Bellary. But my idea was tough for everyone around me to accept and I was ridiculed and discouraged. But by the grace of God, I stood my ground and was sure that this will work.

My mother provided me with seed fund to encourage my venture and with that, I put together a small one room set-up behind our house and borrowed old instruments from friends. I got the center registered as MARANATHA COMMUNITIES SERVICES and under that banner, I started Maranatha School of Music.

With a guitar on my shoulders, smile on my face and my head held high, I went to banks and hospitals, colleges and schools and played guitar and sang songs and spread the news about Maranatha Music school and asked people to visit us at least once. We managed to get a registration of 21 students keen on learning music and I was truly excited to begin my journey as a music instructor.

Finally, on 3rd May, 2010 we inaugurated our first batch. And we have never looked back since. Slowly,  the news spread through word of mouth and from only 1 batch in a week, we had grown to taking 3 batches in a day. We also formed a local Rock band by selecting students from our school, who were good at playing different musical instruments. We started looking out for events to perform in schools and colleges and very soon, we became the only rock bank in Bellary, who possessed latest and good musical instruments and churned out good music. We became the name to reckon music with and i was in a happy place, not to mention the sense of achievement and contentment one feels when you know you have passed on something of value to someone.

Dreaming of greater gains, the musical way

I was doing very well, but Bellary was too small a town to give wings to my aspirations. I felt I wanted to learn more, understand more, do more. I realized that whatever musical knowledge I had was not enough and that I needed to shift base to Bangalore to further my growth.

I handed over the school to my brother Pramodh (he is successfully running and growing the school till date) and moved to Bangalore. I knew I will have to begin from scratch and operate in fierce competition, but I was prepared for it.

I surveyed quite a few music schools to understand their modus operandi and figured out that I was ready to start one of my own. That is when I met one of my sister’s friend residing in Brigade Metropolis, a community of apartments in Whitefield, Bangalore. I shared with her my passion for music and eagerness to start music classes in their apartment complex. She referred me to their association and on 28th August, 2011, I got our rock band from Bellary to perform in their community as a promotional activity and got 45 enquiries. I started taking classes in the name of Maranatha School of Music from October 2011 (the classes are successfully running there till date). After that, we started our classes in HSR layout and then on ECC Road, Whitefield.

After 2 years of coming to Bangalore, I joined Centre for Music Education (CME) in New Life College, Bangalore and continued learning western classical Piano under Ms. Vinita Henson and finished 7 grades. I also cleared grade 3 in Violin with the help of Mr. Wati. I played piano at St.Peter’s church. The pastor there liked my music and recommended me to Bishop cotton Women's college. They hired me to conduct choir for Christmas carol for 2013 and 2014.

Directing the Choir

I also thought of expanding into schools to generate awareness in youngsters about music. I approached quite a few big schools in Whitefield and Varthur, who assured me of an opportunity but things never took off in the right direction there. On the way, I also met with a few individuals who wanted to open their own music academy and they approached me through common acquaintance. I thought of joining hands with them, since opening a music school on my own, in Bangalore, seemed like a far fetched idea. Since I had the backing of Maranatha School of Music and was aware of the course material and the teaching methodology, I put that offering on the table. However, within a few months, I figured that they never intended to include me as their core member, but they wanted to use my offering only. It was a bitter experience, but nevertheless taught me to be not so trusting of strangers.

During one visit to Phoenix Market City mall (biggest mall in Bangalore), I observed that there was no one playing their grand piano since 3 months and that there was an opening for the post of Lobby pianist. I felt this fitted my bill, since it was a great opportunity and a dream come true to get to play a high end grand piano. Such an exposure would give me an immense learning experience, not to mention performing live for customers of the mall. So, I approached them for a job opportunity. It was a very tough call and tight competition, but finally I got selected from among 3 candidates and have been performing in Phoenix Market city Mall from 4th July, 2015 till date.

The thrill of performing on a Global Platform : Hampi Utsav 2015

The way I look at it

I believe that a good teacher is the one that never stops learning. I am exploring new genres of music like Jazz and Blues. I want to make new music, new melodies one day. I aspire to have a very distinguished career in music and want to make the younger generation aware about music. I hope to take my rock band places. Music is like an ocean and I have a lot to learn and a lot to teach. And miles to go before I sleep....

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