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Learning is often the only skill for survival for anyone, a strong foundation in any skill of learning is of utmost importance as the foundation will keep the concepts clear and enable us to perform any job easier. While teaching is considered the noblest of all the professions, a teacher who’s intent lies in raising strong roots is unforgettable. We present today Suwarna Surlakar, she’s a one woman army who keenly observed her students and realized that many of them had their fundaments slightly different which lead them to fear in their respective exams. A recipient of International award, ‘Young Woman Engineer’ honoured at the Venus International Women’s Awards, she has filed 2 patents with her students, Droidlock a door locking technology and Smart crop management, an automated agricultural technology. Her story in the following, Suwarna gives a brief account on how she addressed the need for tweaking the way children are educated, her vision to build  her start up Codewell Computers.

My mother was a teacher by profession and retired as a head mistress of Government primary school. I have always watched her shape many children in her school guiding and educating them, I naturally understood that education plays a vital role in shaping up abilities in everyone. After I completed B.E from Rayeshwar institute of engineering and Information technology, Shiroda in the year 2007, I started teaching in engineering college in 2008, along the way I completed my M.E from PCCE Verna, in the year 2011. While I thoroughly enjoyed teaching, I noticed that many of my students lacked clarity in the concepts. This in turn affected their performance in the exams. It was heart breaking to see these students carrying backlogs and loosing confidence.

In times, where there is highest competition at every level in every field, these students will go on to have a low self esteem and would probably need to work harder, starting from the basics. I kept finding ways to get to the root of this problem. That is when I decided to start Codewell Computers, a school for young children. Why children you may ask,  kids are excited and are always open to experiments and that’s what I love about them. Their enthusiasm is their driving force. They are always happy to work on their own and solve problems and experience their success. Also at this time they are getting familiar with science and mathematics and if we make their concepts clear and  build a strong foundation then we raise a bunch of confident children who can attempt furthermore bigger scientific problems with ease.

At Codewell  Computers, we have been training kids on robotics which not only focuses on kits but on the small issues of how science helps in contributing in the digital world. How scrap in their homes can become their friends. We also train them in  simple physics concepts like motions, energy etc. Basic understanding like these increase their interest in studies thereby increasing concentration and confidence. I have seen children focusing in their studies and performing better after becoming part of the Codewell Computers curriculum. Some of the concerned parents I meet often wonder if their child is cut out to learn technology, I want to assure everyone that we live in a digitised world where each of us need to be on par with changing or evolving technology. We at Codewell Computers also conduct Summer and Winter camps for students.

My vision is to inspire many children to innovate and contribute their valuable knowledge and expertise in technology. My venture is the first of its kind to develop books that explain electronics with animated books. This book has live circuits with re-useable components that kids would love to use and develop interest in technology.

This book is released under the name KIDZTRONICS Level 1, this series will have many more levels to come.

Currently level 2 is under development. My motivation comes from my students, when I see them successfully completing each level at Codewell computers with flying colours and seeing them brimming with confidence.

Contact Codewell Compluters @+917262001268 / +919823426380


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