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The turn of events

As an Engineer by profession, I have learnt that solving any complex problem requires connecting 2 dots at a time. Once I have figured out which 2 dots, I do a deep dive into the details, analyze the pros and cons and then move forward with taking decisions. But that is not how it happened when i started my own venture - Nesa MedTech. If I had analyzed it as much I usually do, I would never had been able to leave my cosy corporate job in healthcare and jump onto the entrepreneur bandwagon. Having said this, I had always aspired of being an entrepreneur, of doing what I am doing now, but when i saw an opportunity walk right in, I had to grab it with all I had.

The goal setting

I was very clear from the beginning that I wanted to continue working in the healthcare domain and innovate medical devices, since I had more than 10 years experience working in reputed healthcare companies with core expertise in domain knowledge, system engineering and medical regulatory standards. But I was not sure what. There were a few feedback's and thoughts that I  had gathered from renowned doctors about this, but on further validation with other doctors, I got contradicting opinions. That is when I decided that I should spend some quality time in hospitals observing the daily activities of doctors and patients to find the pain areas or gaps that the system faced in terms of technology. I was sure that I would get some insight on how and where to start.

After a few months of my research, I could narrow down my goal to look at the real unmet clinical problems that occurred in hospitals. And shortly, I found the specific ones that I wanted to focus on to find solutions with my very first startup. And thus, after 6 months diligence, I founded and registered NESA MEDTECH PRIVATE LTD.[www.nesamedtech.com] with a vision of developing novel and affordable diagnostic and therapeutic devices for emerging countries, like India. Our vision was to pursue business through innovation and technology and build minimally invasive therapeutic device innovations at an affordable cost to address social and economic burden.

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Aligning to Entrepreneurship

As an individual, I felt I was not living up to my potential while working with a corporate as I always believed that I could do much more. That is when I decided that some day, I would like to run a business of my own. And I have realized that entrepreneurship is the only way to explore yourself beyond your limits and limitations and exploit the ample opportunities available to you. I am having a great learning curve in this journey in various aspects. The experience from this journey has given me a platform to speak at various corporate forums and engineering colleges.

The product(s) that we are developing are yet to be accepted in Indian markets and reap financial gains. But these are the hitches that every  new product or company face in their initial years and are termed as teething problems. It is a matter of patience and perseverance. But what motivates me and keeps me going are the out-of-the-box solutions that we build and the tremendous socioeconomic benefits it will have in the near future.

The fair share of challenges

Challenges for an entrepreneur are an everyday thing. I may sound philosophical, but that’s the fact. My major challenge was to leave a great, cozy corporate job and plunge into entrepreneurship at a time when I was just blessed with a baby girl.

My greatest fears are the technical and strategy decisions that I have to take on daily basis  - Am I doing this right? Is this the right step to take?. However, we undergo periodic exercises where we have discussions with our mentors to ensure that I am on the right track. I know that at any stage, I can go back to the corporate world for leadership roles and that thought gives me the security from What-ifs. However, I don't want to go down that line of thought and defocus from making this venture work.

Anticipating the future

Giving back to society has been our motto from the time we started. Working in healthcare domain and developing solutions that have great social impact is the fuel that we need to fire our passion. The ultimate goal is to keep evolving at every phase of life. Success is about clearing your to-do's on a daily basis consistently for a period of time. Entrepreneurship is a journey. I have still not planned my distinct destination but my immediate destination is to develop a demonstrable product and initiate clinical studies on patients.



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