Entrepreneur, Educator and an Author : Anurag Chandra



An engineer, entrepreneur, educator and now an author. Like a true ‘gemini’, Anurag seems to believe in never having a dull moment in life and how! An engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur, Anurag Chandra has so far co-founded two companies in the education sector and has now come up with his first fiction titled The Ramayana Secret published by Om Book International.

Staring his career in 2004, Anurag chose to join the startup bandwagon soon after graduation to move to New York as an IT consultant. While at his job, he felt that designing software solutions for his clients was a mundane job and with an eye on the prospect of a booming education industry in India, he returned to New Delhi to start his publishing firm with his brothers Abhishek and Ankit.

“It was a calculated risk to come back. My father’s books were already very popular and all of us wanted to create a national level brand with quality content,” says Anurag on his career switch. Eduwiser Publishing Group was thus born and has now become a force to reckon with due to sheer hard work put in by the brothers. It has published over 30 titles for competitive examinations like JEE and school education so far and publishes around 2 lakh book copies every year. Anurag himself has written six titles for Eduwiser along with his father and popular Mathematician, Prof. K. C. Sinha.

While Eduwiser looked set to conquer the content space, Anurag started Urtutors.com, an online and offline tutoring company along with Abhishek, Piyush and Harshit in early 2018. The company is based in Bengaluru and specializes in providing certified tutors for customized learning to students studying in classes 5 to 12 across all educational boards. Their online platform is also ready. Urtutors recently launched its online video courses as well.

“Seeing my businesses grow makes me feel proud. I am fortunate to have worked with dedicated set of smart people sharing the same dreams as mine,” adds Anurag to press home the fact that it is always a team that delivers.

He is now focussed on showcasing another facet of himself through his writing. His mythological fiction The Ramayana Secret is out and is doing quite well. The book offers an incisive and never heard before retelling of the Ramayana. Critics are labeling it as a perfect counter narrative to the popular version, compelling the reader to revisit the saints and sinners of the Indian epic in a new light. Published by one of India’s biggest book retailers Om Book International (http://www.ombooksinternational.com/), The Ramayana Secret looks set to capture the mind-space of mythology lovers as is evident from the response just weeks after its release.

Writing is therapeutic. I write daily. If not on academics, then something for my mythological fiction trilogy. Writing transports me to a different world. It rejuvenates me,” he says when asked what inspires him to take time out of his regular schedule to write.

Anurag is currently based out of New Delhi where he lives with his wife Tanu and children Vivaan and Inaya.  “Being born and brought up with middle class values has been the key. Perseverance comes naturally to me and I don’t mind putting in the long hours to succeed,” he says as he signs off.



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