From a well-paid Corporate job to the dusty roads of Entrepreneurship: Abhiney Singh shares excerpts of his Journey


A bit about Me

My LinkedIn Profile will tell you that I am an engineer and a communication specialist by education. It won’t however tell you about my passion and the drive to do something different.

And that’s what led to the entrepreneurial bug biting me, 8 years back. I quit my job in Mumbai and toyed with multiple ideas initially. However, the one that stuck was something I can trace back my routes to. My father has been involved with schools and colleges since the last two decades, and I decided to carry forward the legacy. And I thought of opening a school in my hometown, Raipur, Chattisgarh.

The beginning of the Journey

Our journey began in 2010 and we encountered some quality competition in Raipur. For reasons unknown, between 2009 – 2012 a slew of schools started and most of them were franchise of renowned brands.

Thankfully, the competition strengthened Brighton International School which is now a renowned CBSE affiliated school in Raipur with a strength of more than 600 students. Our decision to position ourselves bang in the middle of a bevy of already existing schools of popular brands and race beside the giants did pay off. From a modest beginning of 120 students, intense competition and constant comparisons, we have been able to hold on to our own and have been able to carve a distinct identity for ourselves among the parents and teachers. Our efforts have enabled us to sustain and survive, with enough revenue coming in for us to sustain our expenses and survive our operations.

The learning – To Summarize it Brief and Precise

Keep it simple and economical – I have learnt to imbibe the core philosophy of US Army early in my life. And we did incorporate the same in our venture. There can be numerous facilities and amenities to be provided. What matters however is, the value each one will add to the students, the cost that will load our balance sheets and how important it is to bring students to our gates.

Optimize where you can – Amidst a plethora of new learning opportunities to be provided, with specialized vendors for everything under the sun; computer education, sports, music, e-learning et al, it is essential that every facility is utilized to the optimum. It is easy to cough up money by schools on each student, or so many would like to believe. The justification, however, is best left as a prerogative of the school management.

My Work, My Bliss – What keeps me going day after day is the fact that I am working for myself. I like doing what I am doing, I like improving on it every day, I like to share and discuss ideas, I like to meet new people, I like improvisation. It is good to meet people when they are at their best behavior and I can safely say all of this happens with me on a daily basis. To top it all, I do believe I am making sincere efforts and contributions towards helping the society in more ways than one.


Brighton International School [] was awarded with the ‘Best Co-Ed Residential school award’ for 2017-18 by Education world of Indian School Ranking (EWISR).

The school was also bestowed the ‘Best School in Chhattisgarh’ at the Brain Feed School Excellenc, the award ceremony was held at The Westin in Koregaon Park, Pune organized by the Brain feed Magazine.

Questions I’d Rather Avoid

“What is your experience in this line of work?”

“Do you think I will be able to run my school?”

“I reside in City ville / Town ward. Do you think there is scope for a new school?”

“I am already committed to my job/business. Do you think I will be able to invest time in building up a school?”

“Once we are through the runway, how long before I can breathe easy?”

“What are the challenges I might face?”

And the perennial:

“What if … ?”

My belief is that if you believe in your purpose, analyze with logic and rationale, figure out how you can add value to your customer and the reason why people come to you, you will be able to create the difference you seek. Whilst I do not proclaim my school to be the best, I definitely do believe that our ideology is always predisposed towards improvement, learning and inspiration. Exactly the values that we strive to impart to our students and alumni.

Contact Abhiney Singh@ 8109804141



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